How to accept bitcoin payments: full instruction

Many are wondering how to accept cryptocurrency payments on their website. Recently, interest in digital currencies has become very large. Big companies and corporations are investing money in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects, and experts believe it is the future of finance.

No wonder, that more and more of our clients want to accept cryptocurrency payments, but do not know how to do it. So, accepting payments in bitcoins or another crypto on your web-site is similar to credit card processing but with some peculiarities.

Step by step instruction:

Неre is a guide for online businesses that want to accept bitcoin payments:

  1. Like in card processing you have to choose a processor that serves your needs concerning GEO, payment options etc.
  2. Pass through the pre-check stage by the way of filling a form.
  3. Make an application
  4. Collect documents for compliance and forward it to the processor for approval.
  5. Get an API from the processor and start integration

Why do you need to accept payments in bitcoin?

If you are still not sure if you need to accept Bitcoin payments, here are some arguments for:

  1. It influences your conversion rates and the scale of your business.
  2. You can settle in bitcoin and increase your income along with bitcoin price growth.
  3. If your business is in the IT-sphere it would be convenient for the crypto-community to buy your product and popularize it.

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