We help to select payment providers for your business

Advantages of  Turbapay

several options with detailed rates
offers matching your business
saving months for onboarding
Turbapay's support and care

Why should you use Turbapay?

Without Turbapay
A huge number of payment providers, who is better to choose?
Problems in communication with payment providers
Everything lasts too long
With Turbapay
In 5 minutes you get pricing plans from several providers
You can use several payment options simultaneously
You get support on documents and onboarding process
Would you like to accept online payments on your website?

You are facing such questions as:

  • How to choose a payment provider matching your business?
  • How to make sense of multiple online offers?
  • What is the quickest and simplest way to go through the integration process?
  • How much will all this cost?
Steps required to integrate a payment
service into a website without “Turbapay”
You study information on payment services and identify some preferred offers
2 days
You try to contact the chosen payment providers. It’s not always that easy :)
2 days
Your application is considered and, hopefully, in 10 days you are provided with Terms of Clients’ Acceptance and rates
10 days
If the conditions suit you, you prepare a full package of documents for the company and the site on your own
10 days
Documents are sent for compliance. And, if everything is OK, you sign a contract with the provider, oh yes;)
10-12 days
Where the conditions do not suit you or you get a refusal – return to the step No.1 and start from scratch, oh no; (
THEREFORE, this process will take at least 31 days without Turbapay
Would you like to save your time?
Turbapay gives access to over 150 payment providers worldwide
Receiving rates in 5 minutes and free of charge.
Personal manager support

Turbapay partners

How is the onboarding process
going with Turbapay?


You click “Select a provider” and then fill out a simple questionnaire


You are immediately offered
up to 3 matchable pricing plans
from several providers

  • The pricing plan can include merchant account opening charges, regular service fees, transaction fees etc.
  • Turbapay provides clear and concise explanation for each item in the pricing plan

You send these plans to your email for consideration  or
you order Turbapay services immediately (see  Formal offer) or
you just choose a suitable pricing plan – we will call you to agree on the details


Our manager will contact you on the same day, and provide with necessary support. You can pay for Turbapay services after signing an agreement with a chosen provider


After signing the agreement with the provider and technical integration, you start to accept payments on your website, oh yes 😉

Don’t waste your time searching for payment partners.