Free selection of the best
rates for accepting online
payments on your website

Advantages of  Turbapay services

up to 5 pricing plans from different providers
just in two minutes
matching your business
24/7 support
Would you like to accept online payments on your website?

You are facing such questions as:

  • How to choose a payment provider matching your business?
  • How to make sense of multiple online offers?
  • What is the quickest and simplest way to go through the connection process?
  • How much will all this cost?
Steps usually needed to take
to provide a payment service on a website
You study information on online payment services and identify some preferential offers
2 days
You attempt to contact the chosen payment providers
1 day
Your application is considered and you are provided with Terms of Clients’ Acceptance and rates
5-7 days
You try and make sense of the provider’s requirements regarding your company and website, and the pricing plans
1 day
If the conditions suit you, you prepare a package of documents necessary to enter into the contract
2-3 days
The provider checks your documents and, unless there are issues, you sign the contract and then the technical website connection takes place
10-12 days
Where the conditions do not suit you or you get a refusal – return to step No.1
THEREFORE, you will be able to accept payments on your site at least
in 25 days
Would you like to save at least 10 days
with the help of professionals?
Turbapay means access to over 100 payment providers worldwide

Turbapay partners

How is the onboarding
to payment services
done with Turbapay?


You click Get rates
and then fill out
a simple questionnaire


Just after that you are given up to

5 approximate pricing plans  from payment providers whose

requirements are met by your company

  • The pricing plan can include merchant account opening charges, regular service fees, transaction fees etc.
  • Turbapay will provide clear and concise explanation for each item in the pricing plan

If there is at least one suitable offer, you can email yourself the pricing plan, and email to Turbapay an application for the services pursuant to the formal offer.


Turbapay manager will contact you on the same day, and will provide the necessary support.


After solving technical issues, you begin to accept payments successfully on your website

Why is it worth referring to professionals?

Without Turbapay

– First, you are trying to find your way around infinite offers containing a multitude of obscure definitions.

– You choose the services which seem right, you contact the provider who requests (sometimes several times) certain documents.

– The process could take a few weeks, resulting sometimes in a refusal. Or the proposed prices could be unacceptable for you.

– And then you have to start searching for payment partners again.

With Turbapay

* You receive at once free information about approximate rates offered by a number of reliable Turbapay partners.

* Immediately upon Turbapay’s formal offer acceptance we will provide you with detailed and comprehensive information about the documents and the integration process.

* We will follow up and support the integration process until its successful completion, promptly responding to all of your queries.

Why waste your time searching
for payment partners when there is Turbapay